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Monday, April 24, 2017

Your opportunity to smack Hollywood right in the kisser

That would be the same Hollywood that supported Hugo Chavez, of course.  . . . "Alonso should be honored for her truth-telling. And all the Hollywood suckups to this vile tragedy should be held up to public scorn to the extent that they never show their faces in public again."  Now to the featured article:
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Russ Vaughn  . . . "Now the Democrats are up to the same game in another special congressional election in Georgia’s 6th District, necessitated by Trump’s appointment of Representative Tom Price to head up the Department of Health and Human Services. Once again the Democrats believe they have a chance to turn this Republican seat blue and have fielded a candidate who, while having local roots, appears better suited to represent San Francisco than suburban Atlanta. If you were to Google the term metrosexual, you might pull up Jon Ossoff's picture. He attended an expensive private school in Atlanta that’s progressive enough to observe some Jewish holidays but none Christian. He then matriculated at Georgetown and the London School of Economics. He cut his political teeth working for members of the Black Caucus including, Georgia Congressman Hank Johnson, the congressional authority on possible archipelagic inversions. But to really buff his bonafides, Jon is a filmmaker, which must surely endear him to Hollywood.

"So Ossoff is the Democrats’ fair-haired boy (30) for this contest in a district they again feel confident they can swing. In the just-held election with a widely divided Republican field of eleven candidates, Ossoff failed to close the deal by attaining one vote over 50%, bringing in only 48.1% forcing a June runoff between him and the Republican leader, former Georgia Secretary of State, Karen Handel, a solid conservative who was the vote leader for the Republican field." . . .

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