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Monday, April 24, 2017

On Bill O'Reilly

Political Cartoons by Gary Varvel

Justice for Bill O’Reilly  
. . . "However, Bill O’Reilly doesn’t need me to defend him, so I won’t.  O’Reilly himself charges that he was done in by “unfounded claims.”  Perhaps that’s true, but his saying so doesn’t mean he’s telling the truth.  I don’t know if O’Reilly is guilty of being a sexual harasser or just an arrogant Long Island jerk who became the easy target of some people who looked to cash in by blackmailing Fox News.  Neither do you. 
"Which means we cannot know is whether Bill O’Reilly saw justice served for behavior that went way beyond legal bounds, or whether Bill O’Reilly was “lynched” by a mob powerful people at Fox who – in the wake of last year’s Roger Ailes sexual harassment scandal – were afraid of one more scandal." . . .
Across America, lives are being ruined on nothing more than hearsay.  Certainly, some of those young men are guilty and deserve what they get – and more.  But just as certainly, some of those young men are innocent of all charges, except – perhaps – bad judgment for angering a vengeful young woman.
O’Reilly’s case is a microcosm of a trend in America that the “wronged” woman must always be right, and the “wronging” man must always be wrong.  What we need is a healthy dose of justice – real justice, not the Lynch Mob’s rush to judgment.

 Remember when personal conduct did not affect your job?  "Back in 1998-99, many Democrats and liberals defended President Clinton.   My favorite defense was that President Clinton's private behavior did not affect his job, i.e. “look at your 401-K!” and the unemployment rate was something I heard about on TV back then!
"I find this interesting because Bill O'Reilly’s alleged personal conduct did not affect his job either.   After all, his ratings never dropped." . . .
Political Cartoons by Glenn McCoy

Bill O’Reilly is leaving Fox, and I can’t say I’ll miss him.  . . . "I was never on the show much. I don’t enjoy being a meat prop for hosts to make the points they want to make, and I guess it showed the few times I was on. O’Reilly was the master of making his long and often well-crafted statements in the form of a question. “Now, I think . . .” “This is the way I see it . . .” “This is where I come down on this . . .” often preceded a jeremiad that concluded with, “Do you agree?” The answer was merely punctuation for the next “question.”
". . . but for the most part guests were there either to serve as a Greek chorus or as ritual human sacrifice for his smartest-guy-at-the-bar routine."

Time and again prominent conservative personalities have failed to uphold basic standards of morality or even decency.  . . ."O’Reilly’s fall can be an important act of public hygiene, but only if it represents the beginning of the end of a conservative culture that makes us behave like the cultural enemies we purport to despise. Otherwise conservatives will hand the Left more scalps, forfeit more public trust, and ultimately lose because of their single-minded quest to win."

There is much more out there, but these should do for now.

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