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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Americans educated by an independent, unbiased media. Really?

Flashback: If Trump Obstructed Justice With Comey, Wasn't Obama Similarly Guilty on Clinton Probe?  . . . "The second point is that if Trump's statements were tantamount to "veiled orders," did President Obama do something similar by telegraphing his 'analysis' (easily understood to be his preference) of the Clinton email matter while that probe was still ongoing? Let's recall together:" . . .

Study: CNN Is Completely Obsessed With Donald Trump — and Not in a Good Way  "CNN claims it’s right down the middle, somewhere between the left-wing MSNBC and the more conservative-friendly Fox News Channel. But an MRC study of an entire day of CNN’s coverage shows the network spent almost all of its time covering the Trump presidency, with a heavily skewed roster of anti-Trump guests and on-air commentators." . . .

. . . "Additionally, liberal protestors tend to receive more positive coverage than conservative ralliers. In an April 14 CBS report, the former group were praised as the “Voice of America” when they gave GOP representatives an “earful” at town hall meetings. While liberal constituents got nearly two minutes of coverage in the segment, conservatives got only 15 seconds."

Mike Harris

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