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Friday, May 26, 2017

The Devil in One Generation

"Never in my life before have I actually been afraid for myself and my family simply for giving a political opinion.
American Thinker  . . . "Churchill said Fascism would take root in the West under the guise of anti-Fascism, but I digress.

"My real concern here is the rise of the radical left – those people who believe that their cause is so good that it justifies any means.  It's a rapidly growing idea and movement with a campaign to harass, intimidate, and threaten anyone who dares disagree with it.  This is the type of reactionary stuff that portends a shift toward tyranny.
"Never in my life before have I actually been afraid for myself and my family simply for giving a political opinion.
"This isn't the way it's supposed to work in the United States.  Elections bring new forces in, but there are things those victors can't do.  It's this system that maintains the peace and insures a free flow of ideas.  This is the system that has prevented tyranny since our founding.
"But in 2017, liberals at every level have decided that those rules (be they constitutional or local) just don't apply to them.  This has terrifying implications.  Calls for violence against those who disagree with the liberal narrative are becoming all too common, and not just in backwater channels of the internet." . . .
Jeremy Meister is a writer somewhere in the Midwest.
The Berkeley Antifa

Image result for antifa cartoons

. . . "The ‘Antifa’ dress in black, wear masks and resort to physical violence. They use force to silence those with whom they disagree. They consider anyone to the right of Lenin to be ‘Nazis,’ while they engage in brown shirted, Hitler-like tactics themselves. They are most likely funded by the globalist George Soros. His job is to stir up strife and conflict. He enjoys keeping populaces distracted by means of hate and violence while he and his ilk advance their plans for a one-world government.

"Once a haven for free speech, Berkeley has now become a giant safe space where uniform thinking is encouraged. After all, free speech is extremely dangerous. Why? Because it might hurt someone’s feelings!" . . .

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