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Friday, May 26, 2017

When politicians assault interviewers

Gianforte should indeed be charged with assault if he did body slam anybody at all. Let the left alone be the violent ones. But now when we protest violence from the left against conservatives any of our protests will be met with this report.
Even if not, this act by Gianforte must be condemned on it's face for what it was.

What the heck happened with Greg Gianforte and that 'body slam'?
. . . "Look at the headlines: "Greg Gianforte wins Montana special election a day after being charged with assault" (ABC), "Republican Gianforte Wins Montana House Race Amid Assault Charge" (NPR), "Gianforte wins: Montana House candidate facing assault charge wins special election" (Fox). 
"So there's your narrative." . . .
. . . "But the Body Slam That Might Have Been says less about Greg Gianforte than it does about the media's creation and analysis of information, and about their self-worship.  What we should have is analysis we can debate based on a solid reporting foundation.  What we do have is analysis we're commanded to accept based on what some lady wearing a plastic badge kind of maybe saw from "behind a half closed door."  It's completely backward, and it speaks to why media credibility continues to decline – and why Greg Gianforte can shove? punch? grab? body-slam? who knows? a reporter and then win his seat.
(PS: For the latest round of "what if a Democrat had done it," Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit dug up a Dem House candidate (pictured, right) who assaulted a police officer and wonders where all the screaming headlines are.  But I suspect that in this case, the anti-Republican agenda is taking a backseat to media self-worship.  Cops don't buy ink by the barrel, but the JournoListers sure do, and those guys have to protect each other's glasses if there's to be peace in media land.)
Montana Voters Are Supportive Of Congressional Candidate Body Slamming A Reporter  "Several Montana voters like that Republican congressional candidate Greg Gianforte body slammed a Guardian reporter, according to local reports. 
"Gianforte threw down reporter Ben Jacobs to the ground at a campaign event Wednesday night. This came the day before a special election in Montana where Gianforte has held a solid lead in the polls over Democrat Rob Quist.

"The Montana Republican was charged with misdemeanor assault by local police, but has denied Jacob’s version of the incident, saying that the reporter was aggressive and grabbed him by the wrist.

"MSNBC political correspondent Garrett Haake tweeted Thursday that a Gianforte voter told him, “I think reporters have it coming.” Haake tweeted yesterday that he told a gas station clerk about the incident and she replied, “My kind of politician.' ”

"The Billings Gazette editorial board wrote. “Everything he said was obliterated by his surprising actions that were recorded and witnessed Wednesday.”. . .

NEW: Source close to Gianforte campaign says it's raised $100K+ online in last 24 hours -- most of it coming after reporter "body slam."

Mona Charen: Stop Making Excuses for Greg Gianforte’s Assaulting a Reporter Charen is disturbed at the responses from Conservative commentators.
. . . "Greg Gianforte appears to be guilty not just of the attack, but of attempting to smear his victim. Note that he apologized to the people he had not wronged, but not to the one he had.

CNN Tries to Blame Trump for Incident Between Montana Candidate and Reporter The Don Lemon channel.
. . . Take a close look at what Washington Post reporter Karoun Demirjirian did. She began by saying that it is Democrats who are pointing the finger at President Trump for creating an anti-media culture. But by the end of her statement, she seems to adopt the Dem view as her own, saying that Trump “certainly creates an environment in which this is somehow okay to hate reporters and sometimes fists fly.” . . .
 Gianforte will be thrown in our faces when we protest leftist assaults like these:
Middlebury College Students Receive No Real Punishment for March Mob 
Berkeley Police arrest ‘professor’ as alleged antifa bike lock attacker
It was ever so:   Never Forget! Maxine Waters Embraced the Thug Who Slammed Concrete on Reginald Denny’s Head

"It all happened on video tape, a helicopter caught it, and it happened in Maxine Waters’ city. But she did not denounce the attack. On the contrary, she all but endorsed the attack."

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