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Saturday, May 27, 2017

The VA’s shame continues as probes confirm treatment delays weren’t a Mickey Mouse problem

Video at the link. But this is a video of Obama from eight years ago addressing the problems of the VA:

Circa  "With Memorial Day coming up, we take time to honor the members of our military, but a new report shows that the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs is still failing our service men and women. 

"When allegations first surfaced about long wait times for U.S. military veterans seeking treatment at Veterans Affairs medical facilities, the Obama administration sought to put the best spin on things. 

"President Obama himself suggested that, while embarrassing, the problems weren’t a matter of life and death. “The wait times were for folks who may have had chronic conditions, were seeking their next appointment but may have already received service. It was not necessarily a situation where they were calling for emergency services,” he said.
. . . 
"The problems included:
+18 of 25 sterile satellite storage areas for supplies were dirty;
+The facility lacked an effective inventory system for managing the availability of medical equipment and supplies;
+There was no system to ensure that supplies and equipment that were subject to patient safety recalls were not deployed on patients;
+The facility failed to fill numerous and critical open senior staff positions

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