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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Despicable: WaPo tracks down, doxxes Pickle, a nine-year-old Trump supporter

Joe Newby  "As part of the apparent effort to foment hate and violence against those who support President Trump, the Washington Post actually tracked down and identified a nine-year-old supporter of the president whose letter to the White House was read by Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Naturally, the Trump-hating propagandists at the Post didn’t believe that such a fan of the president could exist — naturally, because ALL liberals hate Trump, therefore, in their alleged “mind,” everyone MUST hate Trump except for Nazis and bigots.

Photo published for Operation Find Pickle
Photo added.
But it turns out the youngster, nicknamed “Pickle,” exists.  So naturally, the Post decided to identify him.

The Post hid their article behind a paywall, but Mediaite reported:

Thanks to some intrepid reporting by Monica Hesse of the Washington Post, we can now say that Pickle, the human, is not a figment of anyone’s imagination.
"He’s a real boy. . . .
More here.
Intrepid? Please.  Keep in mind this is the same Democrat-media complex that sees Russians behind every blade of grass, and thinks you’re a neo-Nazi if you have a short haircut.  They have yet to find any proof of their Trump-Russia conspiracy theory, but hey, they can find a nine-year-old boy who loves the president.
"According to Mediaite, the letter shocked reporters so much they actually became “Pickle-truthers” and refused to believe he exists." . . .

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