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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Watch Classless McCain Betray the Republican Party, Whoop It Up with Democrats

Independent Sentinel  "The dramatic moments before and after he betrayed the Republicans and his country

“ 'Watch the show,” the Arizona senator told the media when he first entered the senate chamber.
"When he arrived, he held a brief conversation with Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer ( D-N.Y.), an exchange that left Schumer smiling, the Washington Post reported.
"Schumer knew what was about to happen.
“ 'I knew it when he walked on the floor,” Schumer later recounted, explaining that McCain had already called to share his plans.
"But few, if any, of his Republican colleagues knew what was going to happen, WaPo reported." . . .
"Watch the video as the self-important John McCain makes a dramatic entrance into the Senate chamber to vote against the “skinny bill”. He walked to the center of the room to grandstand, paused, held out his hand dramatically to get attention, and gave the thumbs down like a pompous fool. Senator Bernie Sanders appeared to know what was about to happen."

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