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Monday, July 10, 2017

Have You Heard? All Republican Presidents Are Stupid

Steve Feinstein  "The media are famously accused of being liberally biased. Whether it’s the traditional network TV nightly newscasts on ABC-CBS-NBC, the few surviving major newspapers like the New York Times and Washington Post, popular TV “infotainment” shows like Good Morning America, Today and The View, tax-funded NPR and PBS, cable shows like Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, late night venues like Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel, and cable outlets like CNN and MSNBC, the media tilt left.  (Yes, Fox News tilts right. They’re outnumbered, oh, 15 or 20-1.) Even social media powerhouses like Facebook and Instagram have been shown to be liberal-leaning, as has the supposedly neutral “fact checking” site Snopes.

"The bias these media outlets display in favor of liberal/Democratic causes and politicians is long-standing and well-documented. Among others, the media watchdog group Media Research Center provides an on-going and accurate accounting of all the specific incidents, times and percentages of liberal reporting in the news and popular culture.
"That the “mainstream media” is liberally-biased in matters of daily news reporting and the wildly uneven manner in which they handle parallel Republican-Democrat personal/political circumstances is not in question. When Republicans commit what the liberal media deem a nation-threatening transgression, it’s treated as a “Stop the Presses!” moment. Conversely, a mirror-imaged action by Democrats is dismissed as a temporary minor misstep, when it’s even reported at all. Even the liberal media seem to acknowledge that this is the case, complete with a “That’s just how it is -- get over it” attitude." . . .
 . . ."Let’s look at the media-generated popular, general impressions of each president, by party, in ascending chronological order, then compare them and see if there are any common themes.
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