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Friday, August 4, 2017

Why is it so hard to hire employees in California?

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Rick Moran  "The "official" rate of unemployment in California is a sparkling 4.7%, and according to state labor experts, the job market is tightening.
"But how many more people would be employed if it weren't so darned expensive to hire and keep new people on the payroll?
"How expensive?  Here are the real-world consequences of government policies that make it so easy for employees to sue their companies for a variety of imaginary offenses." . . .
. . . 
"California is not likely to follow Missouri's lead, but the state illustrates how out-of-control lawfare against companies has gotten.  It's no wonder that most companies settle employee lawsuits when the alternative is not only a long legal battle, but potentially millions in damages.
"The system is rigged against companies.  The idea that they are innocent until proved guilty is out the window.  A company doesn't even have to intend to discriminate.  It can be held liable if the number of minorities it employs is below that of similar businesses with a similar number of employees.
"When it becomes so easy to file a lawsuit alleging discrimination or sexual harassment with a good chance of winning, why bother to work when you can reach into the deep pockets of a company for a big payday?"

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