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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

"Hillary’s Infinite Jest" among other opinions.

National Review  . . . "Through Hillary’s lens, Elizabeth Warren’s problem isn’t that she’s a kooky socialist who could single-handedly send the economy careening off the cliff. It’s that she’s seen as a “shrill woman.” Most of Hillary’s problems were completely self-made, and yet here she is, explaining away: “The Puritan witch hunts might be long over, but something fanatical about unruly women still lurks in our national subconscious.” Well, it lurks in someone’s subconscious, certainly."

What Kind of History Did Hillary Clinton Make?  . . . “Hillary made history by winning the nomination” is another way of saying “Hillary made history by managing to not lose the nomination with institutional advantages that no other candidate is likely to enjoy for the next few decades.” . . . Read more 

Silvio Canto, Jr.: 'La Hillary' is back, and most say 'no más'  . . . "So the Clinton explanation tour goes on now with a new book, incredibly titled What Happened.
"I heard today that most people just want her to retire.  And do what?  Chat with Bill by the fireplace?
"Frankly, it's sad to watch, even for those of us who find the Clintons despicable.
This next is just another sexist, misogynist...er, wait. This is written by Doris O'Brien who is - apparently - a woman:

Hillary's new book: 'It Takes a Pillage'   . . . "Yet how could such a thing be happening? How could Hillary Clinton – for many years considered one of the world's most admired women – suddenly lose all perspective and angrily "take on" just about everyone, including the Democratic Party?  How, in a nutshell, could a shrewd operator like Mrs. Clinton "lose it"?" . . .
Apparently, her pals in Hollywood and Silicon Valley are infuriated by What Happened. 

Clinton: 'I Am Not Someone Who Will Say Things That Aren't True'  . . . 'Clinton criticized the news media for offering broad advantages to her opponents during 2016’s presidential campaign season. Democrats, she said, experience a “very difficult media environment.' ” . . .

The great conservative cartoonist Ben Garrison just put out another masterpiece.  And commenting thus:

Hillary just won’t go away. Now she’s subjecting us to her mewling about how unfair things were and how deplorable people were to her. She tells us that she didn’t even bother writing her concession speech. As if she ever wrote anything. She pays scriptwriters for that. Now another writer has ghostwritten her latest book in which she blames everyone but herself. She even blames Bernie Sanders, from whom she stole the primaries. Sanders, being the politically correct wimp that he is, even supported the thieving witch, but Hillary blamed him regardless.She blamed Trump for annoying her at one of the debates. He came too close to Her Majesty and she wished she had told him to ‘Back up, you creep!’ She probably wanted to say worse—and she did say worse to the Secret Service agents who protected her. What an inconvenience it must have been for her to actually have to spend her valuable time to debate Trump. Oh sure, she made sure she got the questions provided to her in advance, but she still had to go through the motions and debate Trump. What an aggravation! Apparently she wanted the Presidency handed to her by default. She said she was ‘gobsmacked’ when Americans had the nerve to reject her. The problem is, she won’t shut her gob now.

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