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Saturday, August 4, 2018

Socialism can't flourish without ignorance

These are the true believers, standing on a foundation of near religious fervor, willing to risk life and limb to prove to the world that socialism can work, if only operated by the right people, with the right funding and the support of right-minded people.

American Thinker  "The capacity of human beings for making the same mistake again and again is exceeded only by the capacity of their governments to enshrine those mistakes in law.

"To err is human; to forgive, divine – but what are we to do when a significant segment of our population has grown so enamored of an error that they lose the capability to recognize it as such?  Indeed, they become violently defensive at the mere mention of reassessing their beliefs.

"A difficult situation is made untenable when the error involved has dangerous ramifications for everyone, not just those making the mistake.

"This is where 21st-century America finds itself today, relative to that perennial error known as socialism.

"The base of support for this long discredited ethos is multi-layered, with each layer supporting the error from a different foundation.

"The largest element stands on a foundation of ignorance – they are simply unaware of the history and track record of collectivist schemes in general and socialism in particular." . . .

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