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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

ADMISSION: Some Anti-Kavanaugh Protesters WERE Paid To Help Make 'Viral Moments’

Daily Wire

"Contrary to endless denials from Democrats and leaders on the Left, advocacy groups did, in fact, pay protesters who vocally opposed the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court and accosted Republican senators.

"Their intent, according to a top editor for Vice News, was to attempt to create "viral moments," which includes the elevator confrontation of Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ).

"Appearing on ABC News' "This Week" on Sunday, Shawna Thomas said one of the women who accosted Flake on September 28 worked for the advocacy group UltraViolet and "was paid" to "steer people in the right ways to be able to confront senators."

"Host Jonathan Karl said, "So there were paid — " before Thomas cut him off. "There were people who were paid by organizations like UltraViolet, to — to try to harness that energy in a way that would make the viral moments that we ended up seeing."
. . . 
. . . "Fox News has reported that one of the women who confronted Flake is the co-executive director of the Center for Popular Democracy, which receives funding from billionaire George Soros.

"So once again, President Trump was right. "The very rude elevator screamers are paid professionals only looking to make Senators look bad. Don’t fall for it!" he wrote on Twitter on Friday." . . .

For many, this basically means that the woman’s attack on Sen. Flake may have been politically motivated rather than one that was actually genuine.

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