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Friday, May 6, 2016

Thomas Sowell Fears An Unmitigated Disaster

Thomas Sowell   

An Unmitigated Disaster

". . . Trump blithely remarked that South Korea should be left to its own defenses. Whatever the merits or demerits of that as a policy, announcing it to the whole world in advance risks encouraging North Korea to invade South Korea ­­ as it did back in 1950, after careless words by a high American official left the impression that South Korea was not included in the American defense perimeter against the Communists in the Pacific.' " 
. . .

. . . "Those who talk about "the will of the people" need to know that neither Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton represents the will of the people. Polls repeatedly show these two with the highest negative reactions of any of the candidates in either party. A majority of the people polled have negative reactions to each.

 "Hillary Clinton's much ­vaunted "experience" has been an experience in carrying out a policy that has failed disastrously from the Middle East to Ukraine to North Korea. We don't need more of that kind of experience.

"What was once feared most by the Republican establishment ­­ a third party candidate for President ­­ may represent the only slim chance for saving this country from a catastrophic administration in an age of proliferating nuclear weapons.

"If a third party candidate could divide the vote enough to prevent anyone from getting an electoral college majority, that would throw the election into the House of Representatives, where any semblance of sanity could produce a better president than these two."

My struggle with these thoughts and choices:
If either of these people becomes our President, remember this Biblical teaching: respected Bible scholar Bob Deffinbaugh reminds us that God Himself chooses our rulers.

We can seek comfort in this, though I wonder where is our source of earthly authority: our leaders or the Constitution to which they must submit?
I fear that God is using these ungodly people to remove Western cultures from any influence in the world and shaping world conditions for these times.

How must we speak as our nation chooses those who rule over us? Should the Founding Fathers have been submissive to the rule of King George instead of issuing the Declaration of Independence? Elsewhere in history thousands have died while disobeying their leaders' orders to persecute groups that were held in disfavor by those rulers. What if the leaders we have to choose between have shown themselves to be corrupt and cowardly?

In this nation where our role as citizens requires us to be wise in choosing leaders, I feel we must declare what we see of the character of candidates just as the prophet Nathan confronted King David with his adultery.

But when those leaders are in power we are commanded to submit to them and here is where my duties as an American clash head-on with my calling as a Christian. The Tunnel Dweller

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