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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Obama, The Great Bathroom War of 2016, and The Cultural Revolution

"The White House ordered states to obey the administration’s open bathroom edict on behalf of trans-genders or lose federal funds. It has parents very worried. If Hillary Clinton gets elected president Bill Clinton will be allowed inside women’s locker rooms because he identifies as First Lady." Comedian Argus Hamilton

The American Spectator  "As reported by the New York Times, maybe only three out of a thousand people identify as transgender. So why would Obama stir up a hornets nest to accommodate this tiny minority? Obama thereby has taken a symbolic stand of strategic significance for the ongoing cultural revolution. It has profound political implications both short and long term.

"Conservatives, in reaction, are positing preposterous threats of rapine. The idea of a prepubescent Middle School (or even a pubescent High School) transgirl molesting a cisgirl is beyond ridiculous. And there are abundant ways to prevent such an event, or to prosecute it in the extremely unlikely event it were to occur.

Conservatives also have expressed concern over the possibility that boys will declare themselves girls in order to sneak into the girls’ showers. This is overwrought. There also are perfectly practical measures to prevent this.

"Important? You bet. By making silly arguments conservatives lose dignity and short-circuit their own message. By propounding a false narrative alluding to fear of sexual molestation conservatives are certain to lose the Great Bathroom War." . . .

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