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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

We must never take our eyes off the media

Couric Bridge

Couric Takes Responsibility for Inaccurate Edit in 'Under the Gun' Film   . . . "When I screened an early version of the film with the director, Stephanie Soechtig, I questioned her and the editor about the pause and was told that a "beat" was added for, as she described it, “dramatic effect," to give the audience a moment to consider the question. When VCDL members recently pointed out that they had in fact immediately answered this question, I went back and reviewed it and agree that those eight seconds do not accurately represent their response." . . .

First Couric, Now Gumbel Accused of Deceptive Edits in Anti-Gun Segment  "Sullivan went on to list his specific objections: 
The examples I most object to are: 1) When I appear to say that the civilian-model AR-15 is just as effective or deadly as the military M16, they omitted that I had said “When firing semi-auto only” and that “the select fire M16 on full auto is of course more effective”; and 2) the interviewer pretended not to understand the relevance that, due to the Hague Convention, military bullets cannot be expanding hollow points like hunting bullets that give up all of their energy in the target body instead of passing through with minimum wound effect, with most of the energy still in the bullet and wasted.

Brian Williams: America Bombed Japan ‘in Anger’   "Friday on MSNBC, anchor Brian Williams remembered the bombing of Japan as the United States bombing “in anger.”

“ 'If people have found the U.S. to be preachy in the years since Hiroshima and Nagasaki about the use of weapons because we are the only nation to have used them in anger,” he said."

Journalist Laments: We ‘Won’t Be Forcing the Faithful into Straightjackets Any Time Soon’  . . . "Alas for Mr. Tayler. Indeed, the journalist had already treated religion as a mental illness before this study had seemed to confirm it. Yet, “the hour was not nigh,” he wrote sadly. “Psychologists were not yet ready to diagnose firm belief in God as what it is: an unhealthy delusion.”
“ 'Yet, would that it were so,” he whined in a piece for Salon. “Imagine, so many Supreme Court justices and Republican politicians, from Antonin Scalia to Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum, disqualified in one fell swoop on mental health grounds from holding public office!”
" 'Of course, call any sort of gender dysphoria or non-heterosexual orientation a mental illness and the PC police would be on you in a moment. But religion? Fair game!" . . .
The media corruption was in force back during the Vietnam War. Many Americans (loathed by Democrat Bill Clinton, you may recall) died because of it and their killers were praised by the left.  “The media fueled the anti-war movement, empowering the protestors, the North Vietnamese, and the Vietcong,” he told The DCNF.
“ 'It was rare to have a ‘good news’ story about what was happening there,” Cowan said.
“ 'I recall a reporter coming to interview me at the village I was living at and apologizing after she was done by saying, ‘You know, this story will probably never see the light of day. My editors will quash it because it has too many good things in here about what you guys are doing.’” Cowan told The DCNF." . . .   Emphasis added by TD.

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