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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Anchors Away -- Obama Sinks U.S. Navy

Daniel John Sobieski  "As China builds military bases on man-made islands in the South China Sea, the staggering decline in U.S. naval readiness was made clear when a group of Navy captains testified before an unusual joint hearing of the House Armed Services Committee’s seapower and readiness subcommittees last week. It was made clear that President Ronald Reagan’s 600-ship Navy is a distant memory as we return to the Jimmy Carter era of ships that can’t sail and planes that can’t fly for want of spare parts.

"This sad state of affairs is accomplishing what the Japanese Imperial Navy could not -- defeat the U.S. Navy and leave the seas increasingly open to hostile adversaries and leaving us increasingly unable to come to the aid of our remaining allies." . . .
. . . "Naval commanders are worried that our ability to respond to such threats has been severely compromised by an Obama administration more concerned about rising sea levels than rising threats on those seas. The Navy captain’s Congressional testimony come after the Chinese announcement that it is building its second aircraft carrier to go along with a refurbished Soviet carrier, the Liaonng, commissioned by China in 2012 after extensive refitting of the 25-year-old vessel. As IBD has reported, the Liaoning is only the first step in the building of a blue-water navy capable of competing with our diminishing one, with Admiral Samuel J. Locklear III, chief of the U.S. Pacific Command, warning that the U.S. was losing its Pacific dominance to China:" . . .

"China is preparing for a naval confrontation with the United States. We may lose that confrontation in the South China Sea because the U.S. Navy is scavenging for spare parts."

And last comes the real kicker, Obama's Air Force:

Air Force Secretary Tells Grads to 'Follow the President's Lead'
"Before the United States Air Force Academy's class of 2016 Thursday, Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James gave an odd commencement address. Instead of dispensing advice or wisdom, James's speech was a fawning tribute to President Obama and his administration."
. . . "She frequently told the graduates to "follow the president's lead" and made only vague references to the graduates' achievements at the academy or their future service in the Air Force."
. . . And therefore you too must build and celebrate diverse and inclusive teams. You must foster an environment of integrity and dignity and respect for all and allow your teams to flourish in a culture free from sexual assault and harassment of any kind." . . .

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