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Thursday, June 2, 2016

State Dept. thanks Fox reporter for flagging deceptive video editing


State Department spokesman John Kirby thanked a Fox News journalist for drawing attention to an edited video of a 2013 briefing.

"The State Department's top spokesman offered his public thanks to Fox News reporter James Rosen for alerting the agency to a video from a 2013 briefing that had been edited to delete his question about Iran.
"We took this seriously," John Kirby said at the start of an interview on the network's "Fox & Friends" on Thursday, after the department acknowledged Wednesday that part of a video of Rosen asking a question was purposely deleted rather than being a "glitch," as it had previously stated. "And actually before I answer your question, I want to thank James Rosen, your correspondent, for bringing this to my attention. Because if he hadn't a couple of weeks ago I would have never known this occurred. So first of all, kudos to him."

"Kirby continued, calling Rosen "a journalist I have great respect for, so I thank him for that."
 Kirby said, emphasizing that if more details come to light, those would factor into any further investigation.

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