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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Haunting pictures by British soldier reveal the trail of destruction in Nazi Germany after the war

Berlin was still a bomb site in 1946. The images from a British soldier shows the devastation across Nazi Germany

UK Daily Mail   "A British soldier's fascinating photographs showing the devastation across Nazi Germany immediately after the Second World War have come to light 70 years later.

"The incredible album of 262 black and white pictures show the stark aftermath of the war, with buildings reduced to rubble, towns flooded, bridges and dams destroyed and battleships sunk.

"Among them are intriguing and haunting images of an abandoned factory where the Germans made their deadly V-2 rockets. " . . .

A British soldier poses with the remains of a V-2 rocket at the Leese factory where the Nazi's deadly weapon was made. The image is part of a fascinating archive of photograph that offer an insight into what post-war Germany was like just after the end of World War Two

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