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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Why the Orlando Victims were Defenseless

American Thinker  . . . "What if, Mr. President, residents of Orlando and San Bernardino hadn’t been so intimidated by the fear of being called racists, a consequence of you and your administration’s political correctness, that they said something when they saw something? As Fox News reported, a Sen Bernardino woman observed preparations for the attack but said nothing:
 A California woman reportedly noticed “suspicious activity” at a house connected one of the Muslim terrorists in the San Bernardino massacre but did want “profile” him, amid questions about how family members and others could have overlooked the stockpile of ammunition and explosives left behind in his home.

. . . "Yet President Obama said nothing about the dangers of political correctness to the Orlando families. Overlooked in the news coverage of the Orlando and San Bernardino shootings was the Oregon massacre that wasn’t at Clackamas Town Center Mall in December of 2012. As Investor’s Business Daily noted, fortune placed a good guy with a gun at the same place a bad guy with a gun planned a massacre:" . . .

"Disarming the law-abiding to prevent such killings is like trying to fight drunk driving by making it harder for sober drivers to get driver’s licenses. We don’t need more gun-free zones populated with unarmed targets. We do need more people able to defend themselves.
"There was no such person at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, but there was one at Clackamas, Oregon. Let us draw our lesson, Mr. President, from that."

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