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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Gun control laws either do not work or do not help

Even though I'm still sickened by images of the Sandy Hook carnage, I fear the conclusion I am forced to draw Is discussed below, TD


From the Dec, 2012 Tunnel Wall:  Seeking an effective argument FOR gun control    Here, two respected writers discuss the case against taking away individual firearms from Americans. Yes, it is true that if guns did not exist everywhere in this nation those little children in Sandy Hook would be living right now and I only wish that were the case. But it is not and there are violent people out there in their thousands and they are armed; willing and lusting to watch innocent people die in bunches by their hands. How, exactly do you gun-control advocates plan to remove those weapons from their blood-thirsty hands?

I will honestly look for a reasoned argument FOR gun control that contains effective means for keeping us safe from those who carry weapons illegally and are willing to do us harm. Cartoons showing crazed, wild-eyed gun owners don't wash.

As yet, I have seen only politically correct, emotional responses to the issue that have no value other than simply making a politician look as if they are doing something. TD

"Gun sales are sky-rocketing, as Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, the FBI, and pretty much everyone else in charge of America says two things: they can’t or won’t protect Americans from Muslim terrorists, but they want to take away the most effective tool for law-abiding Americans to protect themselves."

Gun Shop Owner Warned FBI Weeks Before Orlando Terrorist Attacked
"The FBI knew about this guy and did nothing. According to this former FBI assistant director, it’s because the White House is handcuffing the FBI."   

The Bizarro Morality of America’s Gun-Control Debate   . . . "The gun-control debate is a Bizarro World unto itself, one where activists, writers, and politicians — operating with an attitude of absolute moral superiority — operate according to their own “bizarro code” with three main tenets: Make up history, propose ineffective remedies, and mock proven solutions." . . .
. . . that all good people should respond to a mass shooting by supporting legislation that wouldn’t have prevented that mass shooting.
I will support these laws because I am sensitive and, well, just a really, really nice guy.

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