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Saturday, June 18, 2016

How Bad Can 'Politically Correct' get?

The couple did not have enough money to fly home together so they had to part ways. Mrs O'Keefe was left devastated while her husband had to get home to Perth from Indonesia

Richard F. Miniter   "A man flicks a cigarette butt off a P&O cruise ship and is thrown off the ship, leaving his wife to travel onwards alone sobbing in her room. Huh? 
 (Man is kicked off a P&O cruise after flicking a cigarette butt off the side 'without thinking' - leaving his wife on board alone after they had saved up for their dream trip for a year)

"The first time I crossed the Pacific (23 days to Okinawa) was on Naval MSTS with 3000 other Marines on board, most of whom were smoking topside all the time and all of whom had their cigarette butts swept over the side into the ocean every two hours. Indeed, I can still here that voice over the ship’s horn “sweepers man your brooms…” 
"But that was then and this is now and today a single cigarette butt can be defined as a crime by the PC police. Not the empty plastic spring water bottles you see bobbing around which the better people drink from, or the psychotropic drugs you can detect in the ocean fifty miles off Beverly Hills, not to mention Rio's "Crap Line" which encompasses the Olympic sailing venue forcing competitors to do their best not to get that water in in their mouths. But a single accidental cigarette butt! 
"And so 57-year-old Mark O'Keefe, a man of limited means who saved up for this holiday, and who apologized profusely for a thoughtless moment, was frog-marched ashore in Bali without an any way to get home. The former Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company -- P&O -- had a long proud history serving its customers dating from the nineteenth century, but now as P&O Cruises owned by Carnival, their primary interest seems to be making common cause with the PC mob."

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