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Friday, July 22, 2016

Here is an example of the PC that Mr. Trump spoke of

MSNBC: Mentioning names of big cities is racist ‘coded language’

According to MSNBC, saying the names of big liberal cities is racist

"Here we go again.  You may recall that liberals — led by MSNBC, the official network of insane liberal hate — spent much of the 2012 campaign declaring practically every word uttered by a Republican to be racist.  Mentioning Chicago, for example, was declared racist.  So was saying, “golf,” the apparent favorite pastime of the current president.  Now, the bobbing liberals heads at the unhinged network are telling us that mentioning the names of big cities are somehow racist.
"Newsbusters’ Scott Whitlock wrote:
First it was MSNBC warning viewers before showing anti-Hillary Clinton buttons. Then, on Thursday, Chris Matthews and Chuck Todd agreed that mentioning the names of big cities is racist “coded language.” Matthews previewed Donald Trump’s convention speech and was horrified over the presence of words such as “Baltimore” and “Washington D.C.”
Matthews somehow theorized, “When you get back to the angle, the edge, it’s about big cities with large minority populations. You go back to that old thing of bashing Washington, D.C., the old Marion Barry days, bashing Baltimore and Chicago, those city names evoke minorities.”
"Chuck Todd, he added, agreed: “There’s some coded language.' 
"Got that?
"Now, we’re supposed to believe that even mentioning names of cities like Washington D.C. and Baltimore are somehow racist.
" 'In 2015, Whitlock observed, Baltimore “reached its highest ever homicide rate. Is it possible to raise this serious issue without being called a racist? Not according to MSNBC. ”
"Incidents like this, by the way, are the reason I refer to the so-called “mainstream media as the “Democrat-media complex.”  Joe Newby
Mr. Newby includes these related links:

Well, according to Matthews, we can't use the word, "our" because it implies ownership. According to him, if you say, "our fellow African American citizens", you are being racist.

"I'm no fan of Trump. I won't defend him. But Matthews has a long history of loosely throwing charges of racism around. While I'm no fan of Trump, in this particular instance, when he referred to, "our African American", I think it is very clear that he's using "our" as an adjective referring someone who is part of his group of supporters. Trump doesn't own slaves.
"I find it frustrating because we have real issues to talk about and people like Matthews are always injecting racism where it doesn't exist. Do we really want our politicians to be put in a position were they can't safely talk about "our African American citizens?"

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