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Friday, July 22, 2016

Anti-Republican Media (mainstream media, that is) begins its pro-Hillary campaign

Political Cartoons by Bob Gorrell

. . . "The enterprise of “fact-checking,” a relatively recent phenomenon, attempts to inform readers and viewers about whether claims made by political candidates about the state of the world are actually true. In theory, fact-checking is meant to keep politicians honest, and guide public debate toward reasoned conclusions about policy, and prevent hyperbolic, divisive debates fueled by misinformation.
"In practice, “fact-checking” makes debates more contentious by defending liberals and undermine conservatives on a partisan, not factual, basis — largely because the “fact-checking” is done by liberal publications." . . .

Charlie Rose to Hillary: Is ‘Trump The Most Dangerous Man to Ever Run for President?’  . . . "First up, Rose questioned the Democratic presidential nominee: “Do you believe Donald Trump is dangerous? Do you believe Donald Trump is not fit to be president?” To which Clinton responded with a list of charges including her assertion that she read “a long article, that Donald Trump, being near the nuclear code would pose a danger to civilization.” That response just drew a simple “And you agree with that?” and re-statement of Clinton assertion that Trump would be a threat to civilization,” that led to another rant from Clinton." . . .
Does Mr. Rose not see why the media is one of the least trusted institutions in America?

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