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Friday, July 22, 2016

On the three GOP holdouts

Political Cartoons by Nate Beeler

I appreciate and agree with the sentiment, but do realize Trump owes a profuse apology to the Ted Cruz family. 

Phil Robertson: Bush, Kasich, Cruz ‘Need to Learn How to Forgive and Love’ Trump
'My advice to all the nominees, potential nominees, the 17 people, the Bushes, Cruz, if I were them, I would be long on forgiveness for whatever happens during the nomination process,” he added. “The people have spoken and they said Donald Trump is the man. Therefore, as a loyal Republican, I’m backing Donald Trump. That’s the hand we’ve been dealt. How could you be worse than Hillary Clinton? How could it be possible?”
"Robertson said Kasich, Cruz and Bush “gave their word that they would back the nominee.” The Bush family and Kasich are absent from the convention." . . .

Time Will Vindicate Ted Cruz  . . . "What is knowable, even as so many refuse to know it, is that Trump is almost certain to be a disaster for limited-government conservatism and liberty at some point.  Maybe in the election, giving Hillary the White House.  Or maybe in the White House, reverting to his 40-year big-government proclivities. 

A theory of NeverTrumpers . . . "Anger remains, but we appear to have suddenly shifted into the bargaining stage.  Audit the Rules Committee?  Claim that only 3 million Republicans actually voted for Trump, with the rest being Democrats?  "Vote your clean conscience (damn the results)."  Amply quote the LA Times?  Really?  To what end now?  For NeverTrumpers, this one is personal, and therein lies the danger  to them."

Sore Loser
Turnabout is Foul Play?
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. . . "Moreover, by eloquently making the case for conservative values (something we'd frankly like to see Mr. Trump do), Cruz was certainly making it clear that our nation can't afford to have Hillary in the White House. And by telling hardcore conservatives that they must not stay home on election day, and must cast votes up and down the GOP ticket, he was reminding even those not in love with Trump that there is more at stake here than one candidate, and many more offices which must be held or won." . . .

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