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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Pentagon Issues Transgender Directive, Offers Extended Time Off During Transition

America under Obama and Democrats
Washington Free Beacon  "The Pentagon released a manual Friday providing step-by-step instructions describing how service members can get a sex change, allowing for extended time off during the transition.
Ashton CarterThe directive orders the four military branches to set up a “Service Central Coordination Cell” to guide commanders who are overseeing sex changes, the Washington Times reported.

Commanders are in charge of approving medical treatment required for genital reconstruction surgery, hormone therapy, and recovery, all of which are funded by tax dollars.
"Once the transition is complete and the service member is assigned a new “gender marker,” commanders are responsible for assessing the service member’s ability to return to duty. Commanders are also required to hold training sessions explaining transgender issues and anti-discrimination efforts to their troops." . . .
Via Conservative America

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