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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Resisting the revisionists: Finally, a first step

Charles Krauthammer
The troop deployments to Eastern Europe are a good first step in pushing back against the rising revisionist powers. But a first step, however welcome, 7½ years into a presidency, is a melancholy reminder of what might have been.

. . . "The post-Ukraine economic sanctions have been weak; the declamatory denunciations, a mere embarrassment. They’ve only encouraged further reckless Russian behavior — the buzzing of U.S. ships, intrusions into European waters, threats to the Baltic States.
"NATO will now deploy four battalions to front-line states. In Estonia, they will be led by Britain; in Lithuania, by Germany; in Latvia, by Canada; in Poland, by the United States. Not nearly enough, and not permanently based, but nonetheless significant.
"In the unlikely event of a Russian invasion of any of those territories, these troops are to act as a tripwire, triggering a full-scale war with NATO. It’s the kind of coldblooded deterrent that kept the peace in Europe during the Cold War and keeps it now along the DMZ in Korea." . . .
A trip-wire force is akin to a "red line", which our adversaries know from repeated experiences will not be honored by Obama's Democrats.
Sorry, but in events influenced by Obama and Democrats, I am a pessimist. TD

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