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Thursday, July 14, 2016


"The same month, in Birmingham, Alabama, an officer was beaten unconscious with his own gun by a suspect in a car stop. There was gloating on social media. “Pistol whipped his ass to sleep,” read one Twitter post. The officer later said that he had refrained from using force to defend himself for fear of a media backlash for alleged racism."
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Power Line  . . . "Nor have I seen evidence that “the talk,” if widely given in the African-American community, is having the desired effect. Michael Brown wasn’t saying “yes sir, no sir” when he twice attacked Officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, first in Wilson’s police car and later on the street. Freddy Gray wasn’t saying “yes sir, no sir” when he made a scene and then threw himself about in the police van in West Baltimore.
"How about the black teenagers in McKinney, Texas who crashed a pool party and thenrefused to disperse when the police arrived and told them to? One of the kids repeatedly disobeyed reasonable police orders. Yes, one officer badly overreacted to this incident. However, my point for purposes of this post is that the behavior of the teenagers suggests that either they didn’t get “the talk” or didn’t take it seriously.
"Heather Mac Donald’s new book, The War on Cops: How the New Attack on Law and Order Makes Everyone Less Safe, documents what she calls “the virulent antipolice campaign that began with a now-discredited narrative about a police shooting in Ferguson, Missouri.” Even assuming that many African-American parents are giving “the talk,” a competing and seemingly more powerful narrative has taken hold." . . .

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