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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Mike Adams: Give Peace a Chance

Mike Adams

Give Peace a Chance

"Yesterday, I received a letter from a reader urging me to show more grace and compassion towards Black Lives Matter (BLM) – a group I have sharply criticized in recent weeks. The reader claimed that the group is simply misguided and has merely “drifted off course” in its short three ­year existence. She specifically asked me to stop using my Twitter account to characterize them as “racist.” She finally ended her missive by asking “Where are all of the protestors of the 60s who could show them the error of their ways?” Such na├»ve historical ignorance is deserving of a column length response." . . .
. . . " By the end of the decade, the communists would kill two million people in Southeast Asia. And not a word of protest came from the “anti war” movement. So let me be as clear as I possibly can about three conclusions that inevitably flow from all of these events:" . . .
. . . "So where are the old “anti war” demonstrators now? And what is their relationship to the Black Lives Matter movement? I think you already know the answer but I’ll say it anyway: The 60s protestors joined the university faculties in masse and became lifetime radical anti-American activists with tenure."
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