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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Hold your nose and vote for Trump...PLEASE!

Never was a candidate so repulsive and beatable as Hillary, yet who do we have to oppose her but this candidate who won't talk issues instead of attacking ordinary people? One rule in politics is to never "punch down", which Mr. Trump cannot ever keep from doing.
Yes, I will vote for him because the Clintons must be kept out of the White House and I can neutralize one Democrat vote. 
Think Supreme Court. TD

By the numbers
terrellaftermathKinda etch-a-sketchy, don't you think?

Brand Loyalty and Hillary  . . . "All elections, withal, are largely about brand loyalty. Obama, Clinton, and Left loyalists capture just about all the victims and dependents; anyone who works for government, sells something to government, or relies on government for a paycheck or a handout. "Unfortunately, the “taker” class is growing faster than the “maker” class."

Hillary's going to need a little help to pull this one out  ". . . [Obama's] fundamental transformation is that he doubled the deficit to $20 trillion.  He appointed two solid left-wing justices, Kagan and the Wise Latina, to the Supreme Court.  He needs Hillary to appoint Justice Antonin Scalia's replacement plus probably two more who would give the lefties a 20- to 30-year majority on the Court.  You can be sure that the Obama-Hillary court would uphold every regulation of firearms that would render the Second Amendment meaningless.  A Trump presidency would end the lefties' dream to control the Court."

Hillary's Four Pinnochio interview  " . . .FBI Director James Comey "said my answers were truthful, and what I’ve said is consistent with what I have told the American people."

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"This was a lie so baldfaced and brazen that it earned a rare "4 Pinocchios" from the Washington Post, meaning a lie so big that itactually risks ripping the time-space continuum apart."

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