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Friday, August 19, 2016

The Slyville Smith Case: It Doesn’t Matter

Posted by Mike McDaniel in Courts and Cops 
"Circa August 18, 2016, with the Milwaukee case leading the news, it is instructive to review the pantheon of Black Lives Matter, holy social justice martyrs, all of which are wholly-owned subsidiaries of the Democrat Party."

Slyville Smith in his natural habitat. credit: nydailynews

‘Now y’all see his face if he’s seen anywhere in the city drop him,’ read one post. Another called for a gun so the person could ‘shoot him right in his head.
The posters gave the officer’s name, Dominique Heaggan, and some included his home address.

"In this case, it appears one can’t readily blame this media outlet for releasing his name. However, it’s an indication that the BLM movement and its political and financial abettors care nothing for fact. If the police shoot and kill a black man, the reasons don’t matter. Riots, arson, and blood will be the immediate result, and few, if any authorities seem serious about stopping rampant lawlessness if someone screams “racism!' ”
. . . 
"Ueal’s comments are representative of a trend emanating from President Obama, through the DOJ to the streets: black people should be essentially immune from police contact and from arrest. From even Ueal’s account, it seems Heaggan was precisely the kind of officer high crime, poor neighborhoods need. However, not every black person is onboard with Social Justice:

credit: nydailynews

After watching the officer’s body camera footage, Flynn said the entire incident took about 25 seconds, from the start of the traffic stop until shots were fired. He said Smith ran ‘a few dozen feet’ after being stopped, and turned toward the officer while holding the gun. He said it was unclear how many rounds the officer fired in response.

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