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Friday, August 19, 2016

How bad is it in Venezuela? People renting coffins for duration of funeral

". . . to my mind, the people of Venezuela brought this on themselves by voting in both Chavez and Maduro who took one of the most prosperous developing countries in the world and ran it into the ground."
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Rick Moran  "Things are bad in Venezuela. Inflation is running close to 700% this year, the workforce is on a 3 day workweek because there's a shortage of electricity, and you can't buy stuff like milk, flour, and cooking oil because store shelves are empty.
"But leave it to socialism to make the worst out of an already rotten situation.
"Socialism creates scarcity so it's not surprising that people who suffer the loss of a loved one can't find - or afford - a decent coffin. So families are now given the option of burying their loved ones in a cardboard box or renting a regular coffin for the duration of the funeral." . . .

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