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Friday, August 19, 2016

House to hold Clinton perjury hearing

Washington Examiner  "Members of the House Judiciary Committee are set to question FBI officials next month about allegations of perjury involving Hillary Clinton's conflicting statements to Congress last year.

Witnesses at the hearing could include FBI Director James Comey, according to USA Today, which first reported the panel's plans.

"A Judiciary Committee spokeswoman confirmed the hearing to theWashington Examiner and said lawmakers plan to approach the issue at an FBI oversight hearing the panel holds each year." . . .
We'll see if these members are still around after the election. Heaven help us if the Democrats take over and Elijah Cummings calls the investigations to a halt.

Kaine Crumbles When NBC Actually Presses Him on Hillary E-Mail Scandal  Video here.
. . . "Kaine lamely replied: “Savannah, if you ask somebody a question 150 times or 200 times, you're going to be able to find that they don't use exactly the same word every time, and there's going to be variations and then people are going to play on those, but – ” Guthrie interrupted him with a dose of reality: “In point of fact, though, she did use the same verbiage, it just happens to not be true.' ” . . .

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