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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Has liberalism ruined entertainment for you yet?

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Hot Air  "The new season of television shows is fully in gear at this point and, as usual, most of them were disappointing to me. But this year there were at least a few options I decided to give a shot. Same thing for the movies. I’m not one who goes out to see a film in the theater very often but I made a point of getting out to a few of them this year. While entertainment quality is in the eye of the beholder, for conservatives looking at such options these days there seems to be a continued sense that the people controlling the television, movie, theater and music industries are hopelessly liberal and they not only allow those tendencies to bleed over into their work, but actively seek to use their art form as a vehicle to bolster liberal orthodoxy. That’s the conclusion which Peggy Ryan seems to have reached at The American Thinker this week. After reflecting on the same points I just made she describes how Hollywood is draining the joy out of the movies for her."
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". . .the new President is immediately set to dealing with a state governor (a Republican of course) who has unleashed the police in his state to begin rounding up Muslims completely at random and locking them in detention facilities. The cops are shown at great length beating and kicking a seventeen year old Muslim boy in the streets to the point where he later dies. When the new POTUS tries to call the Governor to discuss the matter he is insulted and hung up on. He then has to find a clever and forceful way to shut the Governor down and make him abandon his hateful, xenophobic, Islamophobic policy and release the incarcerated suspects. And all this time there is little to no progress being made in finding out who actually blew up the Capitol building, but our hero certainly isn’t going to go blaming an Islamic terror group until he has absolute 100% proof it was them, no matter how strongly he’s being urged to act by the mean, warmongering general on his staff."

"Law & Order" became even more radical as the 2000's progressed
Richard Belzer in "Law & Order SVU" spoke the line "...conservative bigot" once that I myself heard.

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