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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Lesser of two evils, 2016 episode

Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

This post by Mr. Canto is a follow-up to the Charles Krauthammer article the TW linked to previously: "My Vote, Explained" by Charles Krauthammer:

Silvio Canto, Jr.: Lesser of two evils, 2016 episode   "In the interest of full disclosure, I did not support Mr. Trump.  I was hoping we'd nominate one of our extremely successful governors, from Bush to Kasich to Walker to Perry.  I eventually voted for Rubio in Texas because all of those others were out and had not much of a chance.

"Since early summer, I have been struggling with a real dilemma. 
" However, we must think of the larger picture, and voting for Donald Trump makes a lot more sense than electing Hillary Clinton by supporting another option.  In other words, someone will nominate justices to the Supreme Court, and I'd rather have Mr. Trump do that.
"No one has dissected Mrs. Clinton better than Dr. Charles Krauthammer this week:
The soullessness of this campaign — all ambition and entitlement — emerges almost poignantly in the emails, especially when aides keep asking what the campaign is about. . . . More at the link above.
"A Trump presidency, with V.P. Pence and a GOP Senate and House, could actually produce some important domestic results.  They could repeal Obamacare and actually replace it with something that puts the patient and doctor in control.  They could finally tackle tax reform, something most of us have been calling for.  Last, but not least, a President Trump could be persuaded by Speaker Ryan to take a serious look at entitlements.
"On free trade, I am not expecting much, because tearing up trade agreements is a lot more complicated than everyone realizes.  I just hope Trump's supporters understand that.
"On immigration, I do not really believe that a President Trump will get Mexico to pay for the wall or deport millions.   However, they may do something about sanctuary cities and respecting our immigration laws.
"On foreign policy, it will be hell no matter who walks into the Oval Office.  President Obama is leaving such a mess in the Middle East that it won't be pretty, from Syria to Iran.
"My point is that there is hope with a Trump presidency to get some things done.
"On the other side, there is no hope for governing if Mrs. Clinton wins.  There are also going to be some huge battles in the Democrat aisle because the left and Mrs. Clinton are not going to enjoy each other at all.  The left is not a happy bunch these days, as Politico wrote.
"Yes I am voting for Mr. Trump, the lesser of the two evils this time around."
Political Cartoons by Ken Catalino

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