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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Victims Speak: This Is What Hillary Did

"Look what Wikileaks just released about Hillary Clinton's campaign trying to figure out how to control what I was saying.  She is not an advocate for all women, but is only an advocate for one woman: herself.  Even her daughter Chelsea, after the debate, called what happened 'her father's trivial sexual misdeeds.'  I feel that her saying that is an injustice to the women he committed crimes against, and she is old enough to know that.' "
Political Cartoons by Steve Kelley

Elise Cooper . . . "Why did the feminist organizations and Gloria Allred not stand beside Juanita and Kathy?  Jackson told American Thinker, "It does not matter who the victim is on the other side, because they refuse to abandon their political allies like the Clintons.  It does not matter, the trail of victims Hillary Clinton left in her wake.  They look the other way because of an obvious political agenda.  Her entire life has been a construction of picking issues she thinks will get her ahead politically instead of genuine passion for these causes."

"Now her vice presidential pick, Senator Kaine, calls her a victim.  Really?
"This is after she defamed Bill Clinton's accusers of sexual assault, laughed at getting a rapist off, and had her surrogate Gloria Steinem say the only reason female Millennials were voting for Bernie Sanders was because they needed a date.  Then Michelle Obama in an ad stated, "We cannot allow the shocking, hurtful, hateful rhetoric about women[.] … [L]et's elect Hillary Clinton and other Democrats who share our values and can be role models for our children."  No parent should ever want the Clintons to be role models." 

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