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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Media's Trump Derangement Syndrome Incites Violence

Investors Business Daily  "The media's crusade to elect Hillary Clinton president is obvious. They deny their bias — they truly protesteth too much — but it's there and it's been confirmed by leaked emails.
"But this election year, the bias is more than favoritism for the Democratic candidate. The media are going to great lengths to instigate a public hatred toward the Republican candidate.
"Consider the remarks from Jonathan Allen of Roll Call, who called Donald Trump a "subhuman" who has a "blackened soul." It's too easy for someone on the edge to take those remarks and decide that something has to be done about such a person.
"Meanwhile, the New Republic seems to suggest that Trump firebombed his own North Carolina campaign headquarters, presumably to use it as a means to obtain power. If it were true, wouldn't that make him the new Hitler, and therefore deserving of any and all the violence visited upon him? Instapundit Glenn Reynolds told the New Republic "you went full Reichstag, man. Never go full Reichstag." But it did — all part of the effort to incite voters against Trump. And if any crazies get the wrong idea, well, that's not the media's fault." . . .
Some in the press actually tried to blame Donald Trump for the firebombing of a Trump campaign office in North Carolina on Sunday. (AP)

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