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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

In the Final Debate, the Candidates Ought to Answer Questions about Ideas

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National Review  "What if we had a meaningful and civil exchange of ideas in tonight’s debate?

"No doubt tonight’s third and final presidential debate will make for good television. But there is a marked difference between entertainment and substance. We can expect this debate to once again be dominated by talk of Trump’s (or Bill Clinton’s) treatment of women, Hillary Clinton’s (or Trump’s) duplicity, plus the usual barbs and insults. Yet, the next president will have to do more than not be his or her opponent. There are real issues out there, and it would be nice if the candidates actually mentioned them. 

"With that in mind, might I suggest a few questions that I’d like to hear answered." . . .

Enough Sideshows, Let's Have a Debate About the Presidency

Enough Sideshows, Let's Have a Debate About the Presidency

"When was the last time you saw a healthy stretch of media coverage about actual issues pertaining to the presidency? When was the last week that featured detailed national conversations about the issues Donald Trump rode to the Republican nomination?

"When he became the presumptive nominee in May, I was among the voices claiming that if the election focuses on the issues, he wins. He wins on borders, wins on the Supreme Court, wins on taxes, wins on blasting through the political correctness that threatens our liberty and safety.

"That race did not happen."   Mark Davis. 
Image result for trump hillary debate cartoons

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