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Friday, October 28, 2016

The Visual Guide to Disputing Media Polling

"Do not allow the media to steal this election without a fight."  Seth Keshel
American Thinker  . . . The purpose of this article is to prove that the media is either lying to massively impact motivation or turnout for Trump or has absolutely no idea what the actual score is.  The media don't care if I know what they are doing with their nonstop analysis of new "chaos" within the Trump campaign.  They are playing this sad song for the record number of independent voters who appear to be requesting ballots or voting early in battlegrounds across America." . . .
. . . 
" . . .However, record primary turnout, DemExit (the refusal of Sanders supporters to support Clinton), minority and independent support levels, and finally the constant torrent of scandals do not support electorate predictions more favorable to Democrats than Obama received.  With all of that said, I feel that this map is not a reach in the least:

Seth Keshel, former Army captain and Afghanistan veteran, is a district captain for the Convention of States Project – Texas.

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