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Friday, October 28, 2016

New Emails in Clinton Case Came From Devices Once Used by Anthony Weiner

NY Times

"Emails from Hillary Clinton’s private server were found after the F.B.I. seized electronic devices once shared by Anthony D. Weiner and his estranged wife, Huma Abedin, a top aide to Mrs. Clinton, federal law enforcement officials said Friday. 

"The F.B.I. is investigating illicit text messages that Mr. Weiner, a former Democratic congressman from New York, sent to a 15­ year­ old girl in North Carolina. The bureau told Congress on Friday that it had uncovered new emails related to the Clinton case — one federal official said they numbered in the thousands — potentially reigniting an issue that has weighed on the presidential campaign and offering a lifeline to Donald J. Trump less than two weeks before the election." . . .

Political Cartoons by Glenn McCoy

Sex and emails: private server investigation reopened after new evidence surfaces in Anthony Weiner case  
. . . "The devices were seized as part of the FBI’s investigation into allegations that Weiner had sent text messages to a minor in North Carolina, allegedly requesting “nudity.' ” . . .

This post alone should have made the top story on the evening news: Clearly marked classified info sent through nonsecure system
From the Huma-Hillary emails: . . . "The exchange from Blumenthal to Clinton concerned the “disastrous nature” of an Obama trip to Germany, charging the U.S. was “totally out of the loop in Berlin – no ambassador,” resulting in the expectation that “Germans and Russians will now cut their own separate deals on energy, regional security, etc.' ” . . .
This also shows the Obama legacy of foreign policy ineptitude, unaided by the Secretary of State.

Today the polls closed up when Hillary dropped.

Many unprintable comments on Anthony Danger

. . . "If this new investigation were actually to be the thing that brings down Hillary Clinton, the irony would be too funny to ignore. She is running a campaign, attacking Trump for false allegations of sexual misconduct, while she is married to a serial rapist. Making it that much more ironic is the fact that her top aide Abedin is married to Anthony Weiner, another sexual predator." . . . 

Political Cartoons by Glenn McCoy

Too bad Mr. Obama won't be around to gladly pardon Hillary, if necessary  "In all, he's now shortened the sentences of 872 inmates during his presidency, more than any president since Woodrow Wilson."

In order to bring the sentences down to those imposed under today's more lenient laws. Don't ask me about commutations of offenders like this one:
  • Carolyn Yvonne Butler – San Antonio, TX
Offense:  Armed bank robbery (three counts); using a firearm during a crime of violence (three counts) (Western District of Texas.

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Anonymous said...

Speaking of Hillary's tolerance of sexual predators, you forgot that Al Gore is campaigning for her -- you know, the same Al Gore who was accused of chasing a female therapist around the room in an attempted rape.