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Monday, October 24, 2016

What This Election Means for Feminism Video update

Male chauvinist pig.

Bruce Walker  "This presidential election marks the beginning of the end of modern feminism.  That is true regardless of whether Hillary or Trump wins.
"Feminism is a fraud.  Women have never been "victims" in American life the way blacks were as slaves and in the Jim Crow South. 
"Consider the evidence.  Women have more wealth in America per capita than men, and women spend much more of the national wealth than men.  Women live longer than men.  Women have never been drafted into grim combat in overseas wars.  Women are a much smaller percentage of the prison population and are much less likely to be victims of violence. 
"Whatever the dubious merits of affirmative action for blacks, affirmative action for women was always a moral obscenity and a mockery of justice.  Affluent women like Hillary got favored treatment in admission to colleges and advancement in employment and almost everything else while poor white boys from blue-collar homes were sent to the back of the line. " . . .
The cries today of feminists and civil rights leaders sound to the ears of any parent like spoiled brats who inevitably fall back to the juvenile "That's not fair!" singsong whenever life demands of them the same difficulties that life demands of any grownup in our land.
Updated- Danney Williams urban legend?: Black Rapper SLAMS Hillary & Bill In BRUTAL Song

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