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Monday, October 24, 2016

When This Dog Realizes Where He’s Going, He Has The Best Reaction Ever.

MetaSpoon . . . "Take a minute to imagine the joy and wonder of a child as they visit Disney World for the first time. Now, hold on to that feeling. That pure, unadulterated glee doesn’t compare to how the pup in this video feels about a trip to the dog park.

"This adorable dog sits in the car, wondering what adventure he and his owner are on today. “Are we going to the vet? That doesn’t sound like fun. I hope we’re going somewhere fun.” Along the way, he starts to notice or perhaps smell familiar surroundings. He is barely able to contain the excitement that threatens to boil over. It isn’t long before he is no longer able to keep quiet and a little whine escapes. Which turns into louder crying and finally he jumps into his owner’s lap. “WE’RE GOING TO THE DOG PARK THANK YOU SO MUCH!” What’s the moral of this story? Take time to enjoy the joy in life, even if it’s just spending a couple of minutes smiling while you watch this dog."

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