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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

First thoughts on the election

Rich Terrell

Students riot over Trump victory  . . .  I am very familiar with the modus operandi of the hard leftsists in the East Bay where apparently the biggest riot took place, and last night’s riot was quite typical, but a bit understated if anything. I have seen the script play out many times.  They marched down Telegraph Avenue from Berkeley to downtown Oakland, lit some garbage on fire in the street, smashed a few shop windows, and generally acted out like spoiled children.
"Given the eliminationist rhetoric that has been bandied about, further outbreaks of violence can be anticipated.  Hillary Clinton should speak to this, as should President Obama."

Not Just a Rejection of Washington, a Rejection of Obama’s Washington  "If Democrats are stunned by the anger at Washington, maybe it would have been mitigated if President Obama had fired some high-level, recognizable figure over Fast and Furious. Or the IRS scandal. Or the $2 billion spent building Healthcare.gov. Or the Veterans Administration letting veterans die waiting for care. Or the Office of Personnel Management hacking. Or the dishonest explanations about Bowe Berghdahl deal. 
"Maybe when the country witnessed horrible shootings, President Obama shouldn’t have rushed to the cameras to contend that those who opposed to his preferred gun-control laws bore some of the responsibility." . . . Read more

"Hillary Clinton broke tradition and did not address the thousands of supporters gathered at New York’s Javits Center for a victory party. No thanking them for their efforts. No acknowledging their discomfort, and no call for national unity. Instead, campaign chairman and prolific emailer John Podesta was given the job of facing the disappointed throngs and telling them to go home because the race is -- cough – “too close to call.' ”

Obama to make statement on Wednesday, meet with Trump on Thursday  . . . "Earnest said that Obama will make a statement on Wednesday at the White House to discuss the results of the election and "what steps we can take as a country to come together after this hard-fought election season.' " 

Trump campaign: 'Undercover' supporters helped deliver upset victory "The common thread among these voters, she said, was they wanted the country taken in a “new and different direction,” they had an unfavorable view of Clinton and they shared certain concerns – about everything from ObamaCare premium increases to the decline of manufacturing jobs to the threat of terrorism." . . .

"The depth of the divide between the predictions and the outcome in Tuesday’s election will be studied for years. But in terms of the on-the-ground strategy, Conway noted that the campaign committed itself to winning Pennsylvania after seeing their message fit with the beliefs of so many people in the state." . . .
Amid Trump’s victory, Republicans also were projected to hold onto their majority in the House and Senate, improving Trump’s chances of advancing his agenda in office.
Japanese people have reacted with shock and disbelief at the outcome of the US presidential election

President-Elect Trump   . . . "His liberal history and his evident lack of interest in these issues created doubts among many conservatives. We hope he now proves us doubters wrong. To do that he will have to show a self-control that was not uniformly present during his campaign but that characterized his most successful moments of it. Congressional Republicans, who retained a majority in both chambers, should do what they can to reinforce Trump’s better instincts."  NR Editors
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