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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Hysterical Left Is Making NeverTrumpers Reconsider

"Then you're making one hell of a good case that Trump is less of a threat to democracy than his opponents."
PJ Media  . . . "So let's just be clear. I don't particularly like Trump. I didn't vote for Trump. I preferred him over Clinton, marginally, because Trump wasn't an outright criminal whose primary defense was that her political cronies refused to prosecute, and because I thought (as Glenn Reynolds has suggested) that I could depend on the press to at least actually scrutinize what Trump's administration was doing.
Well, in the intervening couple of weeks, I've seen:
  • violent protests against Trump
  • brutal assaults against Trump supporters
  • death threats against Trump, Mike Pence, and their families
  • concerted attempts to suborn the election by petitioning electors to change their votes, including by doxxing electors and overtly making repeated death threats against them,
  • and open plans to to not just protest, but to disrupt, Trump's inauguration.

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