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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Another day, another policeman shot in the head

"So don't expect anyone in the MSM to connect these cowardly ambushes (only the most recent, but hardly the only ones) to the violent rhetoric of Black Lives Matter or to those marching and chanting "Pigs in a blanket, fry 'em like bacon!' "*
Police officer Collin Rose (pictured) is in a 'grave' condition after being shot in DetroitUK Daily Mail  "A police officer has undergone potentially lifesaving surgery after he was shot in the head while on duty near a college in downtown Detroit.

"Collin Rose, 29, was shot just a few blocks from Wayne State University about 6.45pm on Tuesday, and was then rushed to the Detroit Receiving Hospital for surgery.
"He is now listed as being in a critical, but stable, condition and is recovering with his family. Rose has been with the force for about five years.

"Deangelo Davis (pictured, left) had been named as a person of interest in the shooting, according to ClickOn Detroit, before he was taken into custody about 9:45pm.

"The officer was shot shortly after radioing to say he was approaching a man while investigating car robberies." . . .

The case of the missing narrative  . . . "But the respective races of the perps and their victims have hardly been shouted from the rooftops – certainly not the way race would figure – and has figured – in any story in which the police did the shooting.  When the cops do the shooting and the person shot is anything but white, the narrative is straight out of the Ministry of Propaganda mainstream media playbook: cops are, like American society at large, inherently, intrinsically racist, and they go out each and every day looking for minorities, particularly blacks, to shoot for no reason whatsoever. " . . .

Chants at an Anti-Police Rally: 'What's Better Than 14 Dead Cops? 15 Dead Cops!'

"[Warning: this video contains adult language and disturbing content.]"   Video

"This is pretty definitive proof that the the Black Lives Matter and anti-Trump movements are anti-police. And it's one thing to not like our men and women in blue, but these protesters, in Austin, Texas, were actually calling for the killing of police officers. This is so beyond offensive, and is not how our system should work."

Obama never did this. However, Obama did send five representatives to robber Michael Brown’s funeral in Ferguson.

National Review: The Left’s Double Standard Discounts Cop-Killings
"Where is the progressive outrage when police officers are murdered?"
"Pro-life protesters who condemn all violence are blamed for the bloody attacks of their more fanatical fellow travelers. Why, then, is a movement that actually incites riots and venerates murderers subject to fawning coverage in both mainstream and progressive media outlets? To read the “Black Lives Matter” tags at ThinkProgress and the Huffington Post is to enter a bizarro world, where America is a cauldron of racial hatred and the real problem of anti-police violence is the way in which “right-wing commentators” use it to advance the “War on Cops myth.' ”

Good grief.

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