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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Trump and the military

Inside the mind of Trump's national security guru   . . . "If Flynn is Trump's national security advisor or secretary of defense we can expect him to push for a closer relationship with the Russians; a punitive policy on Iran -- and a more aggressive war on Islamist militants around the world. These views mesh well with what we have heard from Donald Trump on the campaign trail. 
"Such new policies, however, come with real risks: Warmer relations with the Russians might encourage Putin's adventurism in Eastern Europe . . ."
Bear in mind, this source is the openly anti-Trump CNN.

This retired Army general was a scholar and acolyte of David Petraeus. Now he’s on Team Trump  . . . “ 'Anyone who can keep that group heading in the same direction should be well suited to assisting the Trump team with government transition in the weeks ahead,” Mansoor said. " . . .

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