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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The selective will of spontaneous rioters

Muslims Occupy Dallas Airport Baggage Claim  "I'd like for TSA to explain why it's okay for Muslims to take over a baggage claim area in a major American airport -- while the rest of us are getting manhandled and groped for having a bottle of water in our carry-on luggage." . . . 

Former President Obama Supports National Temper Tantrums
. . . "These next four years are going to be so.freaking.long if we have to hear from Mr. “get to the back of the bus” every time a few ill-informed protesters whip out their posterboard and markers."

Remember the crowds protesting when Obama banned immigrants?
"Crowds, crowds, crowds!  Or, in some cases, are they a mob of useful idiots?  As Ed Lasky noted, the hysterical reaction of the anti-Trump crowd, erroneously called civil and human rights defenders, to President Trump (R)'s executive ordertemporarily banning visitors and immigrants from a few Muslim-majority terrorist countries (not a ban on Muslims) is hypocritical.  (The Women's March and the airport mobbers all look alike – all sound and fury, signifying nothing but moral narcissism.)
"Below is a photo from the massive crowds in Chicago protesting former (thank goodness!) President Barack Hussein Obama (D)'s 2011 order banning Iraqi refugees for six months.

"Or maybe this is the large, angry crowd reacting to Obama's decision in the final weeks of his administration banning desperate Cubans fleeing failing Communist Cuba from entering the U.S. without a visa." . . .

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