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Thursday, January 5, 2017

The University of No Characteristics Whatsoever

Mike Adams

The University of No Characteristics Whatsoever

"Dear Professor Meinhold, Members of the Faculty Senate Steering Committee:

"It has been several weeks since I published my column “My Faculty Values and Your White Privilege” on Townhall.com. In that column, which I have linked here, I warned you about the dangers of a resolution you passed condemning faculty members for publicly commenting on the demographic characteristics of students. I specifically enumerated five problems with your statement, which was an overreaction to a free speech controversy involving a faculty member (yours truly). The problems I enumerated demonstrated that your committee did not think matters through before passing the emotionally driven and politically motivated resolution.

"Please recall that I also gave you an opportunity to rescind the resolution. I cautioned that if you refused to do so, I would be forced to submit a series of proposals that would ensure compliance with your stated values and would result in significant cuts to the university budget. Accordingly, I write today to recommend that we get rid of the following programs and initiatives in order to address some glaring inconsistencies: 

"The Black American English Guide. Seven years ago, I wrote a column (under the title “Wigger, Please!”) about one very confused UNC­Wilmington education professor who was teaching white education students how to “talk black” in order to be better prepared to teach their black students. In case you think I’m joking, I have provided a link to the column, here. 

Professor Mike Adams: After his involvement in a well publicized free speech controversy in the wake of the 911 terror attacks, Mike Adams became a vocal critic of the diversity movement in academia. He has since made appearances on shows like Hannity and Colmes, the O'Reilly Factor, and Glenn Beck. His column on TownHall.com has earned him countless hate mails - often from radical feminists who hate males.

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