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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Obama grotesquely had himself awarded a Defense Dept. medal yesterday

What a tin-pot third-world dictatorship thing to do. A third-world president elected by a third-world electorate.

Thomas Lifson  "President Obama has another ironic award for his trophy shelf, to accompany his Nobel Peace Prize and all those participation trophies he got at Punahou for his basketball skills.  His appointee and subordinate Ash Carter yesterday pinned a military medal --  the Department of Defense Medal for Distinguished Public Service -- on his boss, as Warner Todd Huston reported for Breitbart." . . .

"The ceremony took place at Joint Base Myers-Henderson, before a crowd that had an awful of of empty seats, almost as if the military service members who attended were there on orders."
A medal for thisThe reviews are in, and Obama failed
. . . "Let's be specific:  
1) not a single year of 3% GDP growth or higher;
2) jobs increased by less than 7 million, i.e. not enough;
3) food stamps up significantly;
4) student loan debt now exceeds $1.3 trillion, or the size of Canada's GDP; 
5) ObamaCare has messed up an excellent health care system that needed reforms not a government takeover; and,

6) we've added $10 trillion to the national debt.

Oblivious Obama pens farewell as world burns down around him
"Bearing his trademark humility and modest historical self-regard, President Obama this week announced that he will, indeed, follow the lead of George Washington and allow “for a peaceful, democratic transfer of power.” 

"What a guy!
"And just in case anybody has failed to grasp how extraordinarily lucky we have been these past eight delightful years, Mr. Obama also announced that he has begun “penning a farewell address to the American people.”
"Lord, help us. We don’t deserve this!
"It is not enough that we have endured eight long years of arrogance, preaching and failure? Now we have to stand by to watch him revel in it?" . . .

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