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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Why does the world hate Jews enough to side with those who want to kill them. And do.

World opinion against Israel comes from a great many factors — especially a certain ancient one. Victor Davis Hanson
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Victor Davis Hanson: Why the Anti-Israel Sentiment?  "Secretary of State John Kerry, echoing other policymakers in the Obama administration, blasted Israel last week in a 70-minute rant about its supposedly self-destructive policies. 
    "Why does the world — including now the U.S. — single out liberal and lawful Israel but refrain from chastising truly illiberal countries? 
    "Kerry has never sermonized for so long about his plan to solve the Syrian crisis that has led to some 500,000 deaths or the vast migrant crisis that has nearly wrecked the European Union.
    "No one in this administration has shown as much anger about the many thousands who have been killed and jailed in the Castro brothers’ Cuba, much less about the current Stone Age conditions in Venezuela or the nightmarish government of President Rodrigo Duterte in the Philippines, an ally nation." . . .

A Messianic Jew discusses the world's hatred of Jews while giving an overview of the their history as told by both Old and New Testaments

Michael Medved
:  Why the world hates the Jews
"Many of the bitter controversies in every corner of the globe inevitably raise the same ancient question: why does the world hate the Jews?
"Whether it’s the angry international reaction to Israel’s efforts to defend itself in Lebanon, or Mel Gibson’s drunken rant in Malibu, the age­old specter of anti­Semitism refuses to disappear. With only 13 million Jews in the world – less than one fourth of one percent of the earth’s population – why does this tiny group inspire such bitter, widespread and often violent animosity?

"The answer is obvious to anyone who monitors anti­Semitic propaganda from all its multifarious sources." . . .

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